Our Team
Executive Staff
MARSHA S. JACKSON / Executive Vice President

Accounting and Information Systems Staff
PAMELA KIRBY / Controller
DEREK LEE / Director, Management Information Systems

Compliance Staff
RHIANNON DUNN / Director, Operations and Compliance
KENYA LITAKER / Assistant Director of Compliance
DAVID KATZ / Senior Compliance and Training Manager
LISA DEWYNGAERT / Training Manager

Property Management Senior Staff
TANYA DAYE-HOLT / Regional Property Manager
FRED KILLIAN / Regional Property Manager
KAREN FLETCHER / Regional Property Manager
CHRISTOPHER WOOD / Regional Property Manager
TASHA ETIENNE / Regional Property Manager
KATHLEEN STROM / Regional Property Manager
MARY GAITER FITTS / Assistant Property Manager
PATRICIA BAYLOCK / Assistant Property Manager

Legal Counsel
JAY DULEY, Esq. / In-House Counsel

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